Art ResinA few months ago I finally had my hands on some Art Resin. I have been creating things with resin for years and loved it but was still looking for the perfect clear resin. With Art Resin I found it. The clarity when cured is incredible. It is like glass. The piece pictured here is a perfect example of that. It may look like the resin is cloudy but it isn't. Those are actual clouds reflected in the resin when I took the photo outside. I absolutely love it. The other thing I was really pleased with was the lack of bubbles. I have tried other resins that would cure full of bubbles. Some were full of tiny microbubbles so much that was what inside could not be seen. Also it could not be seen through. This frustrated me. I didn't want to have to buy a pressure pot. My results with Art Resin have been amazingly bubble free. Maybe the odd small bubble or two but those only enhance it in my opinion.

Mixing is easy enough and similar to many other resins I have used. 1 part resin to 1 part hardener. What is different is the smell or mostly the lack of. I have a sensitive sense of smell and other resin odors did bother me but not so with Art Resin. The odor was very mild and actually kind of sweet. Compared to other resins I have used it was very pleasant. I am having a great time finally doing all those projects I had in my head that were waiting for the perfect resin to accomplish. I have two small flow paintings made with Pebeo paints that are going to get a coat of Art Resin very soon for protection as well as just making them look more amazing. :)

Art Resin can be purchased anywhere. ArtResin can be shipped worldwide from any one of their distribution centers: USA, Canada, Mexico, UK, Australia, New Zealand. I definitely know that I will be ordering more before I run out as I would go nuts if I suddenly had a project idea but no Art Resin to work with. I could never just go back to the other clear resins I have used. Should that ever happen though I really wouldn't have to wait very long as my shipment arrived so fast and so well packaged! I loved the Art Resin stickers and was amazed at the padding in there to keep the bottles safe. The other thing that really impressed me were these red plugs under the cap. I haven't seen that on other resins - even ones I ordered through the mail - but I love the idea.

Definitely give Art Resin a try if you are looking for a perfectly perfect clear resin. It can be purchased online from their website - Art Resin. They also have country specific websites for Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Europe, and Mexico. They also have an Instagram and a YouTube Channel

If you want to see more of my creations with Art Resin (as well as anything else I create) I upload a lot of pictures - including tests - to my Instagram more than anything else. I also have a Facebook Page and a YouTube Channel.